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May 10th, 1923: Payday a tanuki film Directed by: David Djambazov and Anna Stoeva Produced by: Anna Stoeva and David Djambazov Script: David Djambazov Director of Photography: Delyan Georgiev Editing: David Djambazov In the roles: GIRL - Ilina Perianova BOY - Dimitr Nestorov BOSS - Nikolay Lazarov SECRETARY - Geri Gugova Production Design: Anna Stoeva Hair/Make-up - Miroslava Tsvetkova Production Assistants: Peter Agov and Pavel Agov With the support of the Institute for Public Environment Development Special Thanks to: Antoaneta Tsoneva, Venera Nechkova-Fingarova, Melody Gilbert, Christian Hammerdorfer, Zlatko Dekov, Liza Vassileva, Made in Home All events and characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Where historic names or names of organizations are used, it solely based on their being part in the historical record and in no way pertains to any true representations. Всички събития и герои в този материал са измислени. Каквото и да е наподобяване на истински хора живи или мъртви е чисто съвпадение. Там където са използвани исторически имена или имена на организации, то е само поради тяхното присъствие в историческите документи и по никакъв начин не се базира на тяхната реална дейност или репутация. All music used under Common License in accordance to European Union Law. All rights reserved by Tanuki Ltd, operating under the trademark tanuki films.
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