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In the summer of 2016 we were invited by the Bulgarian online news portal to conceptualize and set up a video department for them from the ground up. It had to be mean and lean, and set up quick – but we also had the freedom to experiment with what would fit the spirit of Dnevnik’s quick and to the point reporting best.

Within the portfolio of video formats we developed were different ways to work with native advertising. Volkswagen Bulgaria wanted to do a Carpool Karaoke style series with Bulgarian singers, and we were happy to oblige. With the charismatic Danny Rashev as host, we did the four episodes of the pilot season – with Bulgarian rock legend Vasso Gyurov, Eurovision runner-up Polly Genova, beloved bard Stefan Valdobrev and pop starlet Divna.

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"Дай мигач" със Стефан Вълдобрев
"Дай мигач" с Поли Генова
"Дай мигач" с Дивна
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