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Interactive data portal for the Institute for Public Environment Development about traditional Bulgarian recipes for cooking up elections.

This project was one of our first where our visual storytelling craft and our geeky love for statistics and behavioural economics (David’s background as Caltech-graduated trading floor numbercruncher never quite let go of him after all) came together. The Institute for Public Environment Development had collected an impressive amount of election observation data and wanted to showcase it. They invited us to slice, chew, organize, present – and tell a story. 

We decided to streamline the 5 most common ways elections were tampered with in Bulgaria. The numbers showed very clear patterns - regional, reproducible, reliable. In fact, they were a lot like recipes for traditional specialties, with a pinch of a local chubritsa or smearing of lyutenitsa for an extra treat. So we decided to present them to you as such. Take a taste.

Election Recipes: Project
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