documentary, 24 min, 2012

On the river Danube, on the border between Bulgaria and Romania, sleeps a forgotten village. The young have largely abandoned it in search of better fortunes, condemning the older villagers to lonely and forlorn twilight years.

But once a year, on Easter, it all changes. The young people return and join their grandparents for an ancient rite of remembrance – the Dance of the Dead.

Participation in international festivals / awards

Nominated for Best Documentary Debut by the Bulgarian Film Academy

Official selection Golden Chest FF - Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 10th IFF Shaken Stars, Kazakhstan, VII International Cultural Heritage Festival, Sofia, XVII Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival, EthnoFilmFest Sofia 2015.

Produced by Tanuki Films and Vreme Film Studio

Directed by David Djambazov and Stefan Djambazov

Produced by Anna Stoeva and David Djambazov

DOP Cvetan Nedkov

Sound by Ivan Andreev and Mariana Valkanova

Music by Nikolay "OM" Ivanov

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